Acoustic guitars

As a left-handed player Pete continued to be frustrated by the lack of choice for him, but was also underwhelmed by the build and materials quality in all price ranges. Having made a few electric guitars by then, Pete studied the construction of acoustic guitars and set about making one for himself. Pretty soon he realised that using quality woods and exacting attention to the build and finish itself produced not only an instrument that was pleasing to the eye, but one that was a joy to play, plugged and unplugged. Each acoustic guitar is completely hand-built. The necks are carved by eye and hand, every part of the body construction is of top quality wood; the woods for the front, back and sides are carefully selected and laid out first to visualise how each will complement or contrast the other. Then the cutting out and assembly, finishing, and finally expert set up by Andy Warnock. The finished instrument oozes under-stated elegance and quality. Pete is particularly keen to individualise each guitar where he can, such as the amber insert on the Era #06. 

Here are a few of Pete's favourites.